800-478-3127 (Toll Free)
201 East 56th Ave., Anchorage, Alaska 99518, United States


800-478-3127 (Toll Free)
201 East 56th Ave., Anchorage, Alaska 99518, United States


TelAlaska is a statewide, full service telecommunications provider whose roots were established in rural Alaska by the Rhyner family in 1968. 800-478-3127 Email: customerservice (at) telalaska.com

Interior Telephone Customer Service:  Inside Alaska: 800-478-3127
Outside Alaska: 907-563-2016  Fax: (907) 550-1675

TelAlaska Long Distance  888-797-5200 

Technical Help:  888-570-1792 or support@arctic.net

Mukluk Telephone Customer Service:

Inside Alaska: 800-478-7055  Outside Alaska: 907-563-2008
Fax: (907) 550-1675

Eyecom Cable:  In Anchorage /Outside Alaska: 907-563-2074
Outside Anchorage: 800-478-2982

TelAlaska Cellular: 877-478-2305

TelAlaska NetWorks:  In Anchorage /Outside Alaska: 907-563-2060
Outside Anchorage: 888-478-3127

Repair Service:  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  Dial 611

TelAlaska provides Alaskans with a full range of telecommunications products and services. In addition to services to rural communities, TelAlaska offers internet and advanced data services throughout Alaska. Our roots were established in rural Alaska by the Rhyner family more than 50 years ago. Today, TelAlaska provides local, cellular and long distance phone service as well as internet and video services.


TelAlaska, Inc. is a family of companies that provides telecommunications products and services throughout Alaska. These companies include: Interior Telephone, Mukluk Telephone, TelAlaska Cellular, TelAlaska Long Distance, Eyecom Cable, and TelAlaska NetWorks.

In 1968, the Rhyner family started Interior Telephone Company, and in 1969, the company began providing telephone service to Fort Yukon, Alaska. Today, Interior Telephone serves eleven Alaskan communities spread out from Fort Yukon in the heart of north central Alaska down to the Aleutian chain of islands on the southwestern tip of the state.

In 1992, TelAlaska purchased Mukluk Telephone Company and began service to 13 additional communities, including six located along the Iditarod Dog Sled Trail near Nome, Alaska, and Little Diomede Island in the Bering Sea just 2.6 miles from Russia.

On September 1, 2000 as a part of ATEAC, TelAlaska became the new provider of telephone service to the communities of Nome, which was incorporated into Mukluk Telephone Company, and Seward and Moose Pass, which were incorporated into Interior Telephone Company.

Providing telecommunications to remote rural locations is our specialty. Only three of the 24 Alaskan communities that TelAlaska’s Interior and Mukluk Telephone Companies serve are accessible by road.

In addition to Interior and Mukluk Telephone companies, TelAlaska includes Eyecom, with cable TV service to two communities; TelAlaska Cellular, which provides wireless telephone service in all of TelAlaska’s local service exchanges; TelAlaska Long Distance, with long distance telephone service; and TelAlaska NetWorks with internet services for residents and businesses throughout Alaska including voice and data network solutions.

TelAlaska was acquired by American Broadband in July of 2008. American Broadband acquires and operates local exchange carriers and related businesses in rural markets nationwide. The company’s strategy is distinguished by a long-term focus on growth in rural America. By investing in its telecommunications network, local employees and management, and community organizations, American Broadband ensures continued customer service satisfaction and works to realize the growth potential of its markets. American Broadband and its subsidiaries now serve customers in Nebraska, Missouri, Alaska, Texas and Louisiana.


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201 East 56th Ave., Anchorage, Alaska 99518, United States
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