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Listings in Federally Recognized Indian Tribes

Federally Recognized Indian Tribes

The U.S. government officially recognizes nearly 600 Indian tribes in the contiguous 48 states and Alaska. These federally recognized tribes are eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, either directly or through contracts, grants, or compacts.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs provides contact information for each tribe's Tribal Leader

Cultural Resources for Native Americans

Historic Preservation

The National Tribal Preservation Program helps Indian tribes protect resources and traditions important to them. The program funds Tribal Heritage grants for federally recognized Indian tribes to help them with cultural and historic preservation projects.

The program also funds Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, who:

  • Inventory tribal historic properties
  • Prepare and carry out a tribal-wide historic preservation plan
  • Assist federal agencies with reviewing projects on tribal lands​

When a federal agency reviews a project on tribal land, it must consult:

  • The Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (for federally recognized tribes), or
  • A designated representative (for tribes that are not federally recognized).

Federal agencies also must consult with Indian tribes that attach religious and cultural importance to historic properties. It doesn't matter where the properties are located.

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